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Spendy year so far

August 3rd, 2011 at 10:19 pm

It's more than half a year and I'm very much behind my goals. In the last three months we have spent nearly $ 20000 towards renovation and other legal expenses for our inherited property.

Also DH's dream job has been withhold due to restructure of the division. It's a relaxing job and DH would enjoy it. But the University HR has advised that position will be re-advertised once the restructure is completed. Fingers crossed!

So far we have made $ 8000 mortgage extra payment and 2500 in savings. Paid off car loan.

Next month is going to be a big spend month as we will be receiving the winter electricity bill. I guess it will around $ 1000. I know that a big bill for 3 months, but Canberra winter months are too cold and reaches -8 in the nights.

On the positive note, our inherited property has been valued at $ 120,000.

Sorry for not posting in the last months! I'm so frustrated about all the spending and didn't have the motivation to write the blog!

2 Responses to “Spendy year so far ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Was that inherited property 1,200,000? I think there was a zero missing, or an extra comma. Wow! That is a nice addition, certainly, even if it will lead to some headaches dealing with the taxes. I hope that your husband has some insurance that he will be considered for the dream job when it is reposted! Good luck...

  2. sociology Says:

    Yes, the bill is really very big... I think that this restrictions is really helpful. I wish you good luck on your business!

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