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Ooch! Stupid $360 phone expenses

June 3rd, 2010 at 01:47 am

My husband went overseas a couple of weeks ago taking his new iphone. He spoke with me last week,after his coversation I checked the usage and it was just $ 16.36.
When he called again I was stupid and said it's ok to talk longer and the roaming charges are cheap than I thought. But unfortunately the phone company's website updates once in 2 days and now the charges are $ 710. Our call credit is only $ 350. Of course he called me several times and we (Me & DS) spoke for long hours. I can't imagine my husband's reaction when he gets home......

Home phone and internet bills for the last six months :
Jan - $ 93 - bad
Feb - $ 83 - not bad
Mar - $ 80 - ok
Apr - $ 73 - good! This is what I had budgeted
May - $ 96 - too bad
Jun - $ 82 - Hmmmm...Ok

My goal = $ 75

1 Responses to “Ooch! Stupid $360 phone expenses ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Ouch! That is a heavy bill. I have a classmate who was with the same carrier as me, and she drove up to France and we talked a few times... well, that would lead to a bill over more than twice the regular cost! There's no insurance against that, either, because once you have used the time you are on the hook for the bill. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you!

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